Guidance for your control systems and your teams

SmarteBuilding services guide your teams,
and our products guide your control systems,
to provide 20 cents / sq. ft. per year in energy savings,
while managing IT security risks to your building infrastructure.

You are

A commercial building portfolio owner.

We provide

Your executive team with achievement of annual corporate sustainability and cost reduction goals.

Your asset managers with achievement of quarterly sustainability and cost reduction goals for their portfolio.

Your property managers with achievement of monthly sustainability and cost reduction goals for their buildings.

Your building engineers with achievement of biweekly sustainability and cost reduction goals for their building systems.

Lower Energy Usage Costs

Adjusts start/stop times, finds unusual tenant loads and defective equipment, finds misprogrammed control system components.

Lower Peak Power Costs

Focus on equipment morning start-up driven peaks. Makes it easy to manage schedules portfolio-wide for all equipment and control systems.

Risk Management of Building Infrastructure

Networked embedded control systems are protected with corporate data center class security.

Open IT Technology

No proprietary vendor lock-in. Benefit from low-cost open standards IT pricing.

Corporate Compliance

Reporting for sustainability and risk management goals.

Reduce Operating/Tenant Costs

Reduces overall energy costs and allocates tenant specific energy costs.

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