Reduces energy costs and allocates tenant specific costs to minimize effective utility rate.

Analyze / Check Utility Bill

Reconcile utility bills with sub-metered data (electricity, chilled water, gas, water).

Analyze and allocate electrical costs to usage (kWh) and peak (kW).

Analyze and allocate district cooling costs to usage (ton hours) and peak (tons).

Use cost allocations to guide usage and peak cost minimization strategies.

Lower Energy Usage Costs

Easily adjust start/stop times across portfolio buildings and control systems.

Find unusual tenant loads.

Identify defective equipment.

Find misprogrammed control system components.

Lower Peak Power Costs

Focus on equipment morning start-up driven peaks.

Makes it easy to manage schedules portfolio-wide for all equipment and control systems.

Allocate Tenant Specific Costs

Find, sub-meter, and analyze tenant-specific energy use.

Manage tenant-specific after-hours and weekend HVAC requests.

Tenant energy-related invoice calculation and generation.

Actionable Reports

Executive reports with targeted guidance for improvements and corrective actions.